Organization: Northern Mineral Showings Database, NWT Geoscience Office.
Publish Date: Unpublished Material
Theme: References
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Abstract: NORMIN References is a database of information about publications, exploration reports, and other references to geology and mineral exploration in the Northwest Territories. The Reference Query page on the GoMap website allows the user to search this database by area, type, or content. Many of the references in NORMIN are exploration assessment reports.
Bounding Coordinates: West: -162.029046 East: -86.215203 North: 79.864036 South: 58.255980
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    • normin
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    • Northwest Territories
Accessing Restrictions: The user is encouraged and expected to read all documentation provided. The user is also encouraged to review referenced data as needed or required.
Using Restrictions: The data may be viewed, and modified by users of the product, but the original source of the data must be acknowledged. Redistribution of this data, in whole or in part, in its original or modified form is prohibited without explicit written consent from the Northwest Territories Geoscience Office.
Group Northwest Territories Geoscience Office
Address: PO Box 1500, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 2R3, Canada
Voice Phone: (867) 669-2636
Fax: (867) 669-2725
Form: Shapefile
Spatial Reference
Plance Sync: coordinate pair
Coordinate ABSRES: 0.000000
Coordinate ORDRES: 0.000000
Plandu: meters
System Name:
Transmer: Sfctrmer: longcm: latprojo: feast: fnorth:
Geodetic Horizdn: North American Datum of 1983
Geodetic ellips: Geodetic Reference System 80
Geodetic semiaxis: 6378137.000000
Geodetic denflat: 298.257222
Geographic Coordinate System Name: GCS_North_American_1983
Projected Coordinate System Name: GNWT Lambert Conformal Conic
Attribute Information
1. Attribute:FID, Internal feature number., ESRI
UDOM:Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated.
Alias: Type:OID Width: Precision:0 Scale:0
2. Attribute:Shape, Feature geometry., ESRI
UDOM:Coordinates defining the features.
Alias: Type:Geometry Width: Precision:0 Scale:0
3. Attribute:C_REFER_0, The reference identification number.,
Alias: Type:String Width: Precision: Scale:
4. Attribute:C_REFTY_1, The reference type, such as assessment report, NWT Open File, or publications from scientific journals.,
Alias: Type:String Width: Precision: Scale:
5. Attribute:C_REFER_2, The publication date for the reference.,
Alias: Type:Number Width: Precision: Scale:
6. Attribute:C_REFER_3, The author of the reference.,
Alias: Type:String Width: Precision: Scale:
7. Attribute:C_REFER_4, The title of the reference.,
Alias: Type:String Width: Precision: Scale:
8. Attribute:C_REFER_5, The owner of the work done as described in the reference, if applicable.,
Alias: Type:String Width: Precision: Scale:
9. Attribute:C_REFER_6, The operator or company that did the work described in the reference, if applicable,
Alias: Type:String Width: Precision: Scale:
10. Attribute:DIR_PATH, The directory path of the files for the publication, for downloading purposes only.,
Alias: Type:String Width: Precision: Scale:
11. Attribute:FILENAME, The directoy location of the NTGO publication preview image for use in NT GoMap only.,
Alias: Type:String Width: Precision: Scale:
12. Attribute:C_REFER_9, The availability of the reference.,
Alias: Type:String Width: Precision: Scale:
Metadata Reference Information
Metadata Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 20070426
Metadata Review Date (YYYY-MM-DD):
Metadata Future Review Date (YYYY-MM-DD):
Metadata Contact: K. Pierce
NWT Geoscience Office
PO Box 1500
X1A 2R3
Contact's Telephone Number (+cc-aaa-nnnnn): 867-669-2484
Contact TDD/TTY Telephone Number (+cc-aaa-nnnnn) :
Contact Facsimile Telephone Number (+cc-aaa-nnnnn): 867-669-2725
Contact Electronic Mail Address:
Metadata Standard Name: FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata
Metadata Standard Version: FGDC-STD-001-1998